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Bộ đề thi học kỳ II môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 trường THPT Quang Trung

Trường THPT Quang Trung                         KT HỌC KỲ II NĂM HỌC 2010-2011
                                                                        MÔN : ANH VĂN / KHỐI 12
                                                                       Thời gian làm bài : 45 phút

Mã đề: 153

Mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet complete the following sentences

1. She usually gets up whenever my alarm clock goes ............
A. off                         B. up                               C. by                              D. on

2. .............. homework ............ last night ?
A. would /do               B. did/do                          C. was/done                   D. had/been done

3. Books ......... from the library without the librarian’s agreement. 
A. must be taken        B. mustn’t be taken          C. needn’t take                D. will not take

4. I --------------Lan since she went abroad.
A. haven’t met            B. wasn’t met                  C. hadn’t met                   D. didn’t meet

5. Yesterday after I ----------------homework I went out for a walk with my friend .
A. had done               B. would do                     C. did                               D. have done

6. You can tell Tom what I am saying but he --------- keep it a secret
A. ought                    B. may                            C. might                           D. must

7. I understand your point of view . ------------- , I don’t agree with it .
A. Moreover               B. So                              C. Therefore                     D. However

8. The earlier they come , ----------------- they can get .
A. gooder seats         B. the better seats            C. the gooder seats           D. better seats

9. .Has your father given --------- smoking ?
A. off                       B. up                                C. out                               D. away

10. You should put ............ a helmet when riding a motorbike.
A. up                      B. off                                  C. down                           D. on

11. Floods, earthquakes are natural ............... .
A. environments      B. features                           C. resources                   D. disasters

12. Books in the home are a wonderful ------------- of knowledge and pleasure
A. source                B. kind                                C. resource                     D. sort

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others

13. A. defeat            B. heat                               C. meat                          D. great

14. A. worked           B. stopped                          C. opened                       D. washed

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others

15. A. office             B. begin                             C. destroy                        D. complain

16. A. labour             B. formal                           C. dangerous                    D. effective

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