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Test 1

1. a. coach        b. cull             c. cease      d. cut
--> c

2. a. bureau       b. durable       c. pure         d. pull
--> d

3. a. study         b. hull            c. bull          d. hut
--> c

4. a. gar            b. garlic         c. garage      d. garbage
--> c

5. a. gentle        b. gay            c. great        d. gate
--> a

6. a. master       b. ask            c. absent      d. cast
--> c

Find the mistakes

7. Although there are approximately 120 intensive language institutes in the United States in 1970, there are more than three times as many now.

a. are
b. approximately
c. in
d. three times as many
--> a

8. Cartographers did not make an accurate map because the political situation in the area changes so rapidly that they were not able to draw the boundaries correctly.

a. changes
b. so
c. to draw
d. correctly
--> a

9. This year designers are showing very bright colors and styles that were worn closer to the body than those shown last year.

a. very
b. were
c. than
d. those
-->  b

10. Everyone who saw Star Wars said that it is one of the best science fiction movies that had ever been released.

a. who
b. is
c. the best
d. been
--> b

11. Before he retired last April, Mr. Thompson is working as foreign student advisor for thirty years at Community College.

a. retired
b. last April
c. is working
d. for thirty years
-->  c

Grammar and Vocabulary

12. She couldn't …………. her children to his care.

a. admit
b. confide
c. trust
d. convince
-->  b

13. It was an extraordinary villa. It was quite ……… .

a. extreme
b. funny
c. big
d. exceptional
-->  d

14. His answer was so confused that the teacher could hardly make any …………... of it at all.

a. meaning
b. interpretation
c. intelligibility
d. sense
-->  d

15. Commodities were sent from various parts of the world. They came from …………parts.

a. difference
b. same
c. different
d. differently
-->  c

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