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Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2015 môn Tiếng Anh






NĂM HỌC 2014-2015

Môn thi: Tiếng Anh

Thời gian thi: 90 phút

Read the following passage and choose the best option to complete the blank or answer the question

The green building movement is changing the way buildings are constructed. This movement started in the 1970s, as people began to see that modern life was destroying the environment we all share. Natural resources were being destroyed, energy and water consumption was rising, and so was pollution of all kinds. This environmental destruction has continued, and one important factor has been the way that buildings are constructed. In fact, energy use in buildings represents about 32 percent of all energy use in the United States. In the early years, green builders were a small minority, and their goals of reducing the environmental impact of buildings were considered unrealistic. Now, however, the green building movement is growing, as builders have been able to take advantage of new technology and as the costs of this technology have gone down. Environmental building methods are now practical enough to save money for builders and for building owners, even as they reduce damage to the environment.

First, green builders try to make use of recycled materials as much as possible. In fact, vast amounts of materials such as steel, cement, and wood are used in construction. Now there are companies that specialize in gathering old materials, processing them, and selling them to builders for new buildings. States and cities are encouraging these companies, as the reuse of materials also means less waste in dumps. For larger builders or individual homeowners, it is possible to find everything from steel and cement to doors, windows, sinks, tubs, brick, and hardware.

Another way that builders can reduce environmental impact is to reduce the energy requirements of a building. This can be done in several ways. One is to provide an alternative, nonpolluting source of energy. The first alternative energy source to be developed was solar power. With solar panels-wide, flat sheets of special material-it is possible to produce electricity from the rays of the sun. Builders can install solar panels on the roofs of buildings and connect them to cooling or lighting systems. Once the panels are installed, they provide energy at no cost and with no pollution. Another, nonpolluting solution for reducing energy use is a technology known as geothermal heating. To obtain geothermal heat, builders place special pipes below ground, where temperatures remain constant all year. In the winter, the earth's natural heat can be collected in these pipes, and then transferred into the building's heating system. In the summer, heat in the building can be collected and sent to the pipes underground.

Question 1: According to the passage, all of the following leads to environmental destruction EXCEPT......

A. the increasing number of buildings.
B. the increase of water consumption.
C. the increase of energy consumption.
D. the destruction of natural resources.

Question 2: The way buildings are constructed in America also contributes to...............

A. water pollution                             B. air pollution
C. the use of water                           D. environmental destruction

Question 3: The early years, it was believed that the use of green buildings to reduce environmental destruction was............

A. impractical        B. authentic        C. unique            D. feasible

Question 4: One of the reasons why green buildings were not popular is that............

A. they took too much time to build.
B. they were inconvenient.
C. they were costly to build.
D. they looked too boring.

Question 5: The phrase "green building" in the passage can also be understood as..............

A. environment-friendly buildings      B. buildings with tree inside.
C. buildings with open stairs.           D. buildings painted green.

Question 6: The phrase "green builders" in the first line of the second paragraph refers to those who..........

A. build green buildings.                 B. work in green buildings.
C. use green materials.                  D. put trees in buildings.

Question 7: According to the passage, all of the following can be made from recycle materials EXCEPT......

A. furniture             B. sinks           B. hardware          D. windows

Question 8: The author mentioned all of the following as ways to reduce environmental destruction EXCEPT........

A. providing alternative energies.
B. using geothermal heating.
C. using recycled materials to construct buildings.
D. having more green plants in buildings.

Question 9: Solar panels are NOT used to...........

A. light the house                         B. cool the house
C. warm the house                       D. transfer electricity to the sun rays.

Question 10: Geothermal heating technology is........

A. using underground pipes to collect geothermal heat.
B. collecting pipes from below ground.
C. using underground pipes to control underground temperature.
D. using up the heating energy.

Đáp án đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2015 môn Tiếng Anh

1. A

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. A

6. A

7. A

8. D

9. D

10. A

11. D

12. D

13. C

14. C

15. B

16. D

17. B

18. B

19. D

20. A

21. B

22. D

23. C

24. C

25. C

26. C

27. A

28. B

29. C

30. D











41. A

42. D

43. C

44. D

45. B

46. A

47. C

48. A

49. C

50. B

51. A

52. D

53. C

54. D

55. A

56. D

57. B

58. C

59. A

60. D

61. A

62. B

63. A

64. D

65. B

66. C

67. B

68. D


70. B

71. B

72. A

73. A

74. A

75. B

76. A

77. A

78. B

79. C

80. D

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